Our dry cleaning technicians are the most well-trained and experienced in the industry with decades of experience.

Dry Cleaning Prices

Full Service

Anything that needs dry cleaning such as neckties, shirts, pants, dresses, gowns, and household textiles is all done on premises.

We press shirts and pants producing a crisp, professional appearance.

Highest standard

We perform a custom 10-point inspection process to make sure you dry cleaning meets the highest standard.

Before we clean we:
1. Read care labels
2. Look for stains, tears and loose hems
3. Process through various cleaning methods

During final inspections we look for:
4. Pressing
5. Stains
6. Missing Fashion Accessories
7. Open Hems
8. Loose threads
9. Removed, Missing, Cracked, or Loose buttons
10. Zippers operation as well as hook and eye

Wash, Dry, Fold

In addition to our dry cleaning service, we provide traditional wash, dry, and fold services.

For your normal clothing items, towels, and other items that are appropriate to clean the traditional way, you can count on us.

Service is priced at $2 per pound – based on the weight of your laundry (10lb minimum charge).

Free Pickup & Delivery

Pair any service with our free pick up and delivery for unparalleled convenience. We offer this service to any area within 10 miles of our location zip code (32789).

Pick up and delivery is offered every Thursday and Friday between 10AM – 4PM. To sign-up simply give us a call to be enroll in our pick-up and delivery service.

Same Day Service

Our dry cleaning and wash, dry, fold service can be picked up the same day when dropped off Monday through Friday by 10am, out by 4pm by request at no extra charge.

Dry Cleaning Prices

Shirts $3.50
Specialty or Silk Shirts $6.00
Pants $6.00
Skirts $5.00
Shorts $5.00
Dresses $10.00
Sweaters $7.00
Accessories $5.00
Suit Coat $10.00
Jackets $12.00
Gowns $20.00
Coats $14.00
Hunting Pants $12.00
Wedding Dresses $85.00
Church Robes $14.00
Blankets & Comforters $30.00
Bed Skirts $30.00
Sleeping Bags $25.00
Table Cloths $20.00
Curtains Per Pleat $4.00
Hand Press $3.00