Our master tailor on premises has over 30 years of experience. We ensure the utmost quality for all your tailoring needs.

Tailoring Prices

Utmost Quality

If you would like to create custom clothing pieces or alter your clothes in any way this will be no challenge for us.

We accept alterations, sewing, tailoring, custom clothing services, formal wear, clothing repairs, wedding attire, dresses, costumes, uniforms you name it!

Handcrafted Garments
and Couture

Our Custom Suit Manager and Couture Designer will assist in selecting your preferred style, fabric, color, stitching and monogram.

You can also send in any custom shirts or blouses which we will replicate based on your preferences.

For suits, jackets and other items, it is required that we take your full, detailed measurements.

Garments &
Bridal Alterations

We provide professional alterations, from the smallest repair to major adjustments.

Our highly skilled tailors can replace zippers and buttons, make size adjustments, shorten and lengthen hems and create veils, bustles, sashes, shawls and jackets.

Alteration Prices


Hem $15.00
Hem with Lining or Cuff $20.00
Take in Waist $14.00
Take in Legs $15.00
Shorten Width $14.00
Replace Pants Elastic $16.00


Hem Bottom $15.00
Shorten Sleeve $15.00
Take in Side $15.00


Hem $25.00
Take in Side $18.00

Zipper Replacement

Leather Jacket Zipper Repl. $40.00
Jean Pant Zipper Repl. $20.00


Drape Hem $20.00
Shorten Width $30.00

Custom Design